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Repayment of payday loan

Payday loans are available to meet out your financial needs till payday. But with payday loans, repayment of the loan is also essential. As soon as your payday comes you have to pay back the amount taken as loan. If you are not in condition to pay back the loan amount till payday, you can extend the period of loan.

Extension of payment period depends upon the lender. If your previous records are good then you can get more time for repayment. So it is better to keep your record good in order to have loans again and again.

Also, you can have loan more than one time depending upon your previous record of repayment of the loan and your terms with the lending organization. You can get next loan only when the first loan is paid.

Repayment of the amount can be done either through cheque or amount can be withdrawn directly from the account. It is the choice of the borrower that how he want to repay the loan. Borrower provides postdated cheque to the lender if he pays through cheque. Or else amount is withdrawn through the account when the period of loan retires.

You can take loan of any amount. But you should take as big loan as you can pay back. Make sure while taking loan that the amount you are taking as loan, you will be able to repay till your payday. This will be good for maintaining your record and there will be no issue of poor record.

A small fee is also charged when you take the loan. This amount is added along with the loan when you repay the amount. Fee taken is either some percentage of the loan taken or is a fixed amount per loan. Different loan providers have different policies of providing loan.

There are lots of online payday loan providers. Each has their own policies. Before applying for online payday loans you must know about the terms and conditions of every lender. Then only you should apply for loans.

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